Understanding the benefits of peritoneal dialysis

Peritoneal dialysis is performed at home and can be adapted to suit your lifestyle at no additional cost compared to other types of dialysis. Sessions can be performed during the day or overnight. This way, they interfere less with your daily commitments, such as work, school, or family obligations.

The benefits of peritoneal dialysis:

Schedule flexibility

You can plan your treatments to suit your lifestyle and commitments (work, school, family obligations)

At-home treatments

Your treatments are done at home with fewer visits to the dialysis unit

Overnight treatments

Dialysis therapy can be done while you sleep

Ability to travel

Portable and flexible, it’s easy to take your therapy with you when you travel


No need for needles at every treatment

Fluid and diet flexibility

Greater flexibility around what you can drink and eat

Your own natural membrane

Continuous therapy is gentler and more like your natural kidney function

Fewer transportation-related expenses

Avoid transportation expenses related to getting to and from the dialysis clinic or hospital

Comfortable treatment

Less post-treatment discomfort such as headache, nausea, leg cramps, and tiredness

Quiz: Is peritoneal dialysis right for me?

Take this short quiz to help you determine if peritoneal dialysis is right for you.

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